How To Increase Followers on Instagram ?

Using the apps you are probably already familiar with, such as Instagram or Twitter, all you have to do is make sure that the picture you upload to Instagram is a square or circular size. Many people use websites to increase Instagram followers.

You have to engage with the people who are using Instagram. People who have the same interests as your content or the people interested in your offer’s product or services.

For example, if you’re a photographer, take pictures of beautiful things. The people who like your content will love what you post. If you are writing, talk about your interests. Explain things in a simple way and tag people in your photos and links. You can go on any social media platform and follow tons of accounts and see which ones people like. Then, take notice and do the same. Same goes for getting people to comment on your posts and liking yours as well.

How to increase Real followers on Instagram?

Increase Instagram Followers Fast

1. Choose a profile picture with lots of variety


It sounds so obvious, but you should try and avoid wearing a “look” that you can picture a lot of people wearing. The more variety, the better.

Even though you are a red-head, try a picture of your hair in neon blue, purple or dark chocolate brown. It will keep the user engaged. And will also let you try something different.

2. Be creative

It’s ok to be a bit conservative here, but don’t be afraid to be playful. Have fun with it! Instagram is meant to be about living and having fun, so try and be as creative as you can. You can do things like:

  • Use a meaningful cover photo.
  • Create a different theme and avatar for each post
  • Offer unique visuals for followers to see
  • Use hashtags

3. Be a little quirky

One of the most well-known Instagrammers on Instagram is Susanna Lau, a 25-year-old American.

Her Instagram page is filled with stories about her cool and quirky self, makeup tutorials and photos of her relaxing in her apartment and all around New York City.

4. Create a hashtag

A hashtag can help you get a lot of exposure. Hashtags are a list of phrases or words that are used to label a post. So to get more likes and comments on your posts, you can use a hashtag.

It can also help boost up your reach because not everyone uses hashtags. If you do choose to use one, make sure it’s easy to use and creative.

The hashtags will give you special leverage and a little edge over your competitors. It will make you existing so that new and potential customers notice your business.

5. Use a filter

A filter can also help get you more likes on your posts. Like Snapchat and other social media handles, Instagram also provides different and enchanting filters that can make your content more noticeable among others. This is one of the best ways to get your content the limelight it needs to grow.

6. Use hashtags

The hashtag can also be an effective way to get you more exposure.

7. Link to your website

When you’re trying to get more exposure, linking back to your website can get you noticed.

Use Instagram ads to show visitors that your site is where they can learn more about your brand. A call-to-action is a great way to keep your readers hooked.

8. Use of website

There are some sites available which provide real-time Instagram followers. You can use these sites to increase your followers and likes on your account and posts, respectively.

Followers determine the amount of influence you have on them. Most of your followers will unfollow you at least once, proving that your content isn’t enticing enough to grab or hold their attention. Being creative, unique and useful isn’t just the only thing. You also have to be regular. In other words, posting regularly or in a fixed interval is required. You don’t want your audience to think that you have just disappeared. You will certainly lose their interest. Another effective method you can use to drive more traffic to your Instagram account is to integrate an Instagram account with Facebook. This strategy can assist you a great deal when you need to interact with your customers or potential customers. For example, you can invite your customers to like, comment or share your content on Facebook as well. This will notify your Facebook audience about your Instagram handle and vice versa.

Above mentioned methods will help you increase your Instagram followers organically.

How to Increase Fake followers on Instagram?

Toincrease fake followers on your Instagram handle, you need a free follower application. There are many in the market which you can use that delivers both real-time and fake followers. They also provide maximum security; hence, the information you feed never gets leaked or misused. However, there might be a chance of your followers disappearing back to the way like they were before. Some claim that it doesn’t happen and your Instagram account never gets blocked if you use these platforms. It’s better to study it properly before using these fake followers mediums, especially the application’s privacy policy and authenticity.


To get the spotlight you always wanted, having a lot of followers are necessary. By following the above suggestions and solutions, you can achieve that. So get started already, and I can assure you, you and your Instagram handle will reach great heights for sure!