How to Get More Instagram Story Views- A Guide

Isn’t it very sad when you post a perfect Instagram story or post but don’t get enough recognition from the audience? If you are also one of those people distressed because of this situation then you have come to the right place for I am about to tell you all the secrets that there are to know to get more views on your Instagram story!

Instagram Views
Instagram Views

Instagram is the most popular platform in recent times and is, therefore, a huge platform for wannabe influencers and celebrities- giving many people the means necessary  to become popular and build an image from scratch.If you have dreams of being one of those with thousands of views on their content, you’ve just met your fairy Godmother. Through this post, you can now know some of the most effective ways to boost your Instagram story view count.

Brace yourself as you are about to get one hell of a transformation from this fairy Godmother.

Plenty of people, claiming plenty of tricks will get you more views on your Instagram stories. But how true are they? You no longer need to get caught in this web of lies and half truths, because I will point out the ones which actually help. You will not be going to dive into a big ocean of tricky methods where you can’t find success.

●      Tell a story through your Instagram Stories

Try to post in the way you are telling a well-structured story to your audience. Doing this helps you to hold the interest of many new members as well as build trust among existing ones. If you want to increase your Instagram story views then you must ensure that viewers don’t leave midway, but rather they should feel captivated, ENCHANTED, seeing your story. Everyone loves to see a well-structured-structured story.

●      Don’t forget to use the right hashtag in your Instagram Stories

It is important to use the right hashtag if you want to get the right kind of engagement from your target audience. If you think that using hashtags does not make a big difference, I’ve got news for you. IT MAKES A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE! It can undoubtedly get you more Instagram story views and also connect you to the new followers. You just need to utilise the most popular and relevant hashtag for reaching a large number of people.

●      Do caption on every Instagram Story

Whenever you share any video on Instagram, do not, I repeat, Do NOT ignore adding a caption. Many people tap through stories with no volume so a caption would be a good option to reach your potential audience even when they are not listening. The idea behind this is simple, your quality content is never missed even when they are not trying to pay attention.

●      Post story regularly to engage the audience on Instagram

Make sure to post your story which is relevant to the interest of the audience. You have to connect your viewer through your mutual interests so that they don’t ever consider skipping through your stories and always tune into them. Another fun way to capture the audience’s interest is through Instagram stickers. There are a lot of different types of stickers available for literally any situation that may arise. Try to choose relevant stickers for your perfect story to increase Instagram story views. Instagram offers you many options for choosing the best stickers wherever necessary. You can also have engaging stickers like:

  1. quiz stickers, 
    1. question stickers,
    1. poll stickers
    1. Hashtag stickers
    1. Emoji stickers
    1. Countdown stickers

●      Reply to audience reaction to your Instagram Stories

When you finally put a perfect story it’s time to see what your audience has replied. After getting a response/ reaction to your post and story you need to reply to them so that people feel a deeper connection with you. Also, whenever someone adds your post to their story, always try to repost the same so that you can reach more people and successfully increase your Instagram video views. Provide your viewers with quality content so they find it relevant and make great connections that last forever.

●      Create a juicy beginning to the Instagram Stories

You have to be creative right from the beginning so that you are able to grab your audience’s attention. No one wants to stick to such boring posts so make your story interesting and catch everyone’s attention at first glance. Make sure to create a solid first impression and treat every post as your first impression post. It will result in keeping your target audience connected with you for quite a long period.

●      Consistency is The Key

Always remember that you will connect with your audience through your stories so consistency is the key to building strong engagement. Pre-scheduling your story would prove much easier for you to maintain consistency with your people. It is known that Instagram stories are available for only 24 hours so you have to schedule as per your suitability. The idea is that stick to it, you can choose to post a story everyday or one post every 5 hours.

Final Verdict

It is undoubtedly true that getting a great number of Instagram video views is not an easy task. And while I don’t want to create any type of misconception regarding this, it’s also not as hard as everyone leads you to believe. That is why we listed some practical methods in this article to help you navigate these wild waters. Whether you are trying to reach your brand to the targeted audience or want to get the most trusted followers for building your brand image. You are all set to use this method and get a step closer to your goals.