How To Attract More Views to Your Posts and Reels on Instagram

Instagram is a really cool place, isn’t it? You post something and a bunch of people instantly know about it. This shows that Instagram would be the most beneficial for new businesses and organizations trying to create their space online. Anyone can post online, right? But gaining views out of those posts can be a little tricky. Are you looking for a way to incur more views on your post and reels? Looks like you have dropped in at the right place.

Instagram Views
Instagram Views

Creative Ideas to Increase Your Instagram Video Views and Post views.

  1. Interact with those followers out there!

Just like how communication is key, you would need to interact with your followers and make them feel heard and seen. This can be done by replying to their DM or comments, liking them, and reposting when they post your content on their profile. This will make your followers feel engaged with your content, thus, increasing your Instagram video view and views on your posts. Many users use Insta Shop website to for views engagement

You can also go live and interact with your followers virtually, expressing gratitude for their support and promoting your new posts and reels. If your followers find you entertaining, they could even help you spread the word about your page or content.

  • Get Creative

Every content you post must be unique and one of a kind. The purpose of a reel is to make your followers copy the trend while letting them maintain their authenticity. Make sure your reel or post stands out by including catchy music, new fonts, or aesthetics. Remember that trends aren’t static and you need to keep updated with them throughout time. This instantly helps in gaining Instagram video views and a higher reach for your posts.

  • Attract the users with your profile

People generally follow something when they feel attracted to it. It can be because of their aesthetics, the message they put out, or any other reason they find attractive.

You can be an entire package if you try making your content entertaining by also making sure you abide by the purpose of your page. You can make content for your account by making it catchy by using various strategies.

You may choose to make your content encouraging, inspiring, or aesthetically pleasing. This way you would be able to bring new content almost every time you post. This can bring in a ton of Instagram video views and likes for posts.

Here’s a tip! When you visit an amazing place, you can post about the place with its location. This helps your followers know about new places near them and eventually keep up with your new posts for suggestions.

  • Bring in freshly baked concepts

Posting the same genre of content or sticking to the same concept can easily bore your followers. Try making the content you post through reels, posts etc., unique and original. You can do this by using creative brains in your organization and by effective social marketing.

For seeking more views immediately, include the popular songs which go well with the type of content you intend to post. Using these bits can instantly bring forth a wave of instagram video views for your reels.

  • Maintaining consistency

The sole purpose of your page is to post content. But posting too frequently might defeat your entire purpose of promoting your brand or organization. Although it is essential to promote your page or brand, too much of it can be regarded as spam by users. Making sure you don’t post too many times a day or very less frequently for a couple of days. This can help maintain consistency with your posts and help gain more Instagram video views for reels and likes on your content gradually.

Using Instagram statistics, you can keep a check on which posts have gained more views amongst other posts and reels. This would help you gain clarity about what sort of posts are favourable for the audience.

  • Make your feed the prettiest!

That’s right, your feed needs every bit of attention for making it look visually appealing. Your feed is the first thing a person would go through before hitting that follow button. This is how they would know what they would get to see from your page and if it’s worth following or not.

Your feed should include aspects more than just colours, but the proper aesthetics, design and proportion. Doing this would guarantee you Instagram video views and likes for those reels and posts. Some of the tips you can follow for a great feed are listed below:

  • Stick to a single filter for all pictures being posted.
  • Use a particular colour scheme
  • Post high-quality photos
  • Use simple fonts
  • Choose a grid layout
  • Stay original

While sharing a post or reel, make sure it is original. It should not be a copy of a post that has been posted earlier. Try keeping your content as original as possible. Having a creative team with new ideas brewing can help you keep up with the originality of the content you post. Remember, originality is the key to entertaining your followers and thus, gaining Instagram video views and the number of likes on every post.

  • Plan a marketing strategy

An effective marketing strategy is an inevitable part of any Instagram page. This helps you in gaining views and followers. Advertising and Marketing play an equally important role, just as the content in determining the views for every post. You need to have an idea about how your content will be promoted across all platforms. This can surprisingly bring in more Instagram video views for those reels and likes for the posts being made.

A good social media marketing team would help you gain perspective and help you reach your posts to a larger number of people within no time.

  • Know your Target audience

Since you run a page that posts content promoting the sole purpose of your business or organization, you must have an idea about the type of audience who are benefitted from your content. Make sure the content you post is relevant to those who view your post or reels. This is a deciding factor in determining the Instagram video views and likes on each post.

You are also required to know what your followers expect to see from your page. You must know their taste, themes and requirements for the content being posted.

Wrapping up –

These are only a handful of ways to ensure more views for your reels or posts. Ensuring you follow at least a few of these steps can definitely bring a higher reach for your page and its content.