How to Get More Instagram Followers with Collaborations

Are you trying to get more followers on Insta but find it difficult?

Scrolling through insta and getting depressed by the number of followers you have and getting a little jealous of those with a better number. Do you want more but are unable to identify what you are supposed to do? You have asked but got no answer, you get irritated and want to just have a few more followers, right? Do you ask yourself why me, rather, why not me? Get answers for that why here and see what to do in this situation!

Get More Followers
Get More Followers

Ways to Get More Followers

There are 3 ways to do so –

  1. Doing Co-creation and Posting – People want to collaborate with those who are in the same field or have the same interests as they have. Firstly, they search for the same on Instagram itself.

Next, they discuss their viewpoints and ways they want to do the collaboration, here the key is to not only find the common ground but also the need to make the other person say yes. They should want to be in collaboration with us, we cannot force them.

After the search, the next step is to make reels or posts and posting them on our accounts but here is the most important thing, using the collab tab on our posts before posting them.

In order to collab, we need to use the tab which is available on the ‘Tag people’ option on the share page, where you get the feature to invite the Collab. Here, search for the person with whom you want to collab, then it would give them an invitation for the same.

When the person accepts your collab invitation this automatically makes the other person a co-author for the post and their names also get tagged on the post and the same post can also be seen on their page as well.

The most benefit of this feature is for the users as it makes their work less, they do not have to post but is done with the help of others and there is room for more creative ideas as well.

  • Using the Live Room of Instagram – Here the people who wish to make people listen to their views or ideas come. The use of this feature is for making more interest in your work and business by making videos that are not edited but natural.

The room is basically like a conference room where you are the boss and people are clients, you try to sell your ideas or business to them. It is a virtual space for talking.

People get notified when you go live and those who follow you will be the first to get the notification that you are live today at this time. It will make them attend your live and when they go live as well their Instagram followers get notified and this forms a chain of events and more people come to know and follow you.

But you can also invite people to go live with you and it is up to you who to invite for the same, the need is to see who are in your area of interest and not merely based on the number of followers they have on Insta alone.

People are also able to ask you questions you can answer them one by one but make sure all are answered and people are given due notice and if not, they might not see it as good sign.

Going live is simple, just click on plus sign and choose ‘Go live’, the first thing you need to specify is the reason you are live and the topic you would be speaking of later on. Do keep it interactive so that people stay connected with you for a long time.

Recap so that people know what you are saying and why. Keep a check on people who are leaving and entering into the live room. Keep in touch with all and make sure they know each other as well, this will bring the audience together.

  • Multiple Contributors – In this one person can collaborate with a firm or a user in order to pass commentary on a particular post. It is like a long but interesting guide to a particular post. It can be used in 3 places –

First for a Post, you can tell your followers about a particular thing or an entertainment which you do regularly on your page, here you give your opinion on something that is common among your followers and you.

Second is for place, here, you give your opinion for a place you like or you went to recently. It can also be in collaboration with that chain and you are doing the job so that they can get more business and you get more followers.

Last one is for the products, here, any specification is not needed, you can do this on any product be it Jewelry, Clothes, Makeup, etc. You may also add tips as to how to use them or where and when to apply them as well.

In order to create such a guide, the steps are to click on the plus sign and choose guide and after that choose the category which is listed above and make your post. It can be on a post you saved for later on as well or a new one. But make sure to share the same as it would make more impact on followers.

Wrapping up

So, it is a great way to have more followers and create more room for them on your Insta page and be popular! It is a trendy to be one, your audience size does not matter as once you start to grow it will be a continuous process for you.