The Best Ways to Gain Followers on Instagram

Are you looking for ways to boost your Instagram page? If you are, this is the perfect starting point for you. Instagram is considered an unavoidable platform for those brands and organizations who look for a perfect spot for promoting their products. It is a very efficient marketing strategy for reaching a larger scale of audience than any other platform. With a gigantic two million followers every month, Instagram stands tall with its other contemporary platforms.


Why are Instagram Followers Important?

Having more Instagram followers implies that your content would be reaching more people definitively. These followers can dramatically influence your sphere of influence in unimaginable ways. Most importantly, having more followers can make your brand trustworthy and attract loyal customers.

Having more followers also attract affiliate sales, and it would also help you interact more with people and gather feedback. We shall now unravel a handful of ways to sky-rocket your followers in no time.

Making More Reels Than Your Usual Content

Reels have taken over Instagram, and it is no lie that everyone has thought about creating one at least once. The catchy music and the text’s visuals make Reels stand out more than any other content online. Beauty partnerships manager of Instagram Kristie Dash says, “Reels are still a relatively new way to publish content, and there isn’t one formula for success.” She has suggested tips for making your content more engaging and gaining more Instagram followers.

  1. Making your content informative: Your content should be able to engage your audience and give them information. Try inculcating helpful information and making it as catchy as possible with fresh ideas.
  2. Keep it unique and out of the box: Make sure to be up to date with the new trends and music to keep track of the dynamic change within the platform.
  3. Making relatable and straightforward content: Not every reel must be about gaining views. Making sure that the target audience can understand the content must be given more importance than anything else.

Posting the same content across various platforms

To help save your time and energy, you can post the same content on other platforms. For instance, if you post the same content on two platforms, one being Instagram, there is a fair chance that the post on Instagram will gain more likes. This will eventually lead to a rise in your followers as you have introduced something new, which is usually posted only on another platform.

By cross-posting with a particular platform, it helps you gain followers and likes instantly. Before this, ensure your content is high quality and does not promote the other platform with its watermarks or indicators.

Maintaining an attractive feed

This shall be crucial in deciding whether the follower will hit that follow button. Before an individual chooses to follow you, they would look at the previous posts and whatever you have posted on your profile. Your audience would get an idea of what they get to see if they follow you. 

Maintaining a consistent theme and keeping the profile active does have an impact on gaining more Instagram followers. As long as this is exhibited, it increases the chances of attracting new followers.

A simple way to follow this is to maintain an aesthetic, font, and attractive color palette for your posts. Your feed is an essential element when it comes to influencing your Instagram game. It is what first gets users to follow your page!

Collaborating with Brand Ambassadors

Working with brand ambassadors with a couple hundred to thousand followers is cheaper than paying celebrity influencers. Each ambassador would have a unique way of promoting your product and are more likely to reach a larger scale of audience. This can help you gain Instagram followers instantly.

Luxury shoe retailer Sarah Flint says how finding a brand ambassador with over 500 women benefited her. Each influencer had their discount codes. They would receive a free pair of shoes every five times their code was used.

Starting Loyalty programs

Loyalty programs are introduced to retain customers with discounts, offers, and other incentives. This encourages customers to stick to a particular brand and choose them over any other brand. Websites like offers Instagram related services like branding , influencers etc.

A popular ‘rewards’ program enables customers to gain reward points in exchange for purchasing a product. A customer can redeem these points while shopping for a new product within the same brand. Providing these points in exchange for following the brand on Instagram can help you gain a handful of Instagram followers.

Promoting via personal accounts

Promoting your page or profile through your private profiles can have an equal effect as promoting via other alternatives. This helps your brand gain recognition and reach a large-scale audience. You could influence using your brand to promote it and gain a large Instagram following.

  • Promotion through Feature accounts

Your brand can also be promoted with the help of Feature pages, where your brand gets introduced to a broad audience, trying to find their interests and follow their pages on Instagram. This can be a quick method to gain Instagram followers and gradually reach a bigger audience.

  • Playing with the hashtags

Hashtags can be a game-changer. Using a bunch of hashtags for every piece of content you post makes your content visible to those who may not be able to access your content easily. Hashtags help people to find the right content for them conveniently. Although one can use any hashtag for their posts, using the popular or trending hashtags can instantly get you the right amount of Instagram followers.

As Instagram only allows thirty hashtags per post, use the right hashtags for your post. Keep yourself updated about the changing hashtags and trends.

  • Keeping your page lively

Your posts play a crucial role in determining whether a follower will be willing to hit that follow button or not. You must remember to post regularly, neither too repetitive nor too dry. Through your Instagram analytics, it can be easier for you to know when a post has had more interaction than others. Keeping this in mind, this can help you gain Instagram followers gradually.

  • Story Highlights- Make them highlight your account.

Story highlights are a new feature brought by Instagram. They are a new way to display why it would be worth following you. When an individual visits your page, you have little time to convince them to follow you. These story highlights get your job done.

Here, you can organize your Instagram stories, so they are convincing for anyone going through a highlight. Keeping in mind that stories only last for a day, these highlights can be used to display them to any new follower and thus, make the profile more attractive.

Your hard work does not end here!

Although these are only a bunch of techniques for boosting your account, these are plenty for increasing your Instagram followers. These steps mentioned above will bring a massive following to your Instagram page.